1. dayoungtx's Avatar
    What do you need to do in order to add different apps to the notification center?
    04-20-2014 12:58 PM
  2. peachy001's Avatar
    Have a gander at the latest articles, it shows you how to add the WPC app. Will be a very similar procedure for all apps I imagine. In essence, the toast bit needs to be added, also, go in to the battery saver bit and make sure background tasks are enabled, and banners are allowed. I have made a very poor explanation of it here, and I encourage you to refer to the article.

    I did it with WPC, but it appeared not to show up at first. Ibhad to wait for it to get the first notification.
    04-20-2014 01:06 PM
  3. Nimdock's Avatar
    The apps for which you want to receive notifications need to have toast notifications enabled or it won't work. (Having live tile notifications is not enough).

    Once you receive the first normal toast notification for an app it should get added to the list in the action center where you can decide if you want to see the banners or not, sounds, etc., etc..
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    04-20-2014 01:11 PM
  4. anon(7900571)'s Avatar
    They will be added in list as soon as you get a new notification from that app. For instance WhatsApp wasn't showing in the list until I got a new message from one of my WhatsApp contact , some goes for games and other apps
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    04-20-2014 01:12 PM

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