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    Only joined WPCentral to enquire..

    Why my Nokia Lumia 620 that has worked perfectly in tandem with Skydrive since the day I got it has now decided that photo auto upload to Onedrive shouldn't work any more??

    All was well until the Black update.

    Yes I know I can manually upload each pic but that's tedious.. any way to select more than 1 at a time, or stop it from asking for a caption which is probably why you can't select more than 1 photo to upload at a time.
    Yes I've double checked all of the auto upload settings and all appears the same as it was when Skydrive worked faultlessly.

    I see a number of others are asking the same question but see no definitive answer.

    Another annoyance, but not related to the Black update.
    My phone will reduce the ringer volume from say 25 down to 5 or 6 for no obvious reason.. almost like it thinks it's night time and "helpfully" reduces ringer volume to prevent disturbance. But this happens during the day at random.. very annoying because I've missed important calls due to this.
    I do keep the phone in my trouser pocket but I don't think that the appropriate button could be accidentally pressed for long enough to cause the amount of reduction.
    Any ideas?
    04-20-2014 01:04 PM
  2. illidanx's Avatar
    Edit: Nevermind, I thought this is with WP8.1, I have no problem with Black update.
    04-20-2014 10:30 PM

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