1. eReS's Avatar

    I can see some pictures shown on a tile on start screen but I am not able to locate them in albums.
    Is it possible to see all system pictures/photos?
    There are of course some pictures in "backgrounds" folder but still there are some that I could not locate in the phone.
    Where should I look for them?

    04-20-2014 02:10 PM
  2. gkrew's Avatar
    what photos were they? If they were on the photo tile, that can be set to pull from all photos, favorite photos or single photo.
    04-22-2014 02:30 PM
  3. eReS's Avatar
    For example on a tile I could see an image showing part of the surfboard on a water
    I am not able to find this picture in any album.
    For sure this is not my picture - it must be one of the system pictures.
    But it is not visible in backgrounds folder so where I could find it?
    04-25-2014 09:39 AM

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