1. Djole77's Avatar
    Not a huge problem but I noticed on my 920 that when I have many notifications and I open the notification center when I reach at the point to start seeing them there a small lag. Basically it seems to stuck there for a half a sec and then keep opening with no problem. Anyone noticed this? Maybe its by design or a bug because I dont think that the phone has not enough horsepower to keep the scrolling smooth.
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    04-21-2014 10:17 AM
  2. KrisJoeEll's Avatar
    Actually the notification center is build to stop midway, after the toggle buttons and before the notifications for user's privacy. Is this what you believe to be a lag?
    04-21-2014 11:40 AM
  3. Djole77's Avatar
    no I know that. With 2-3 notifications the scrolling until down is smooth. But with many notifications when I get at the point where you will start seeing them it does a small hiccup and then keeps scrolling smoothly.
    04-21-2014 12:31 PM

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