1. steve_butcher's Avatar
    I have two devices, 1020 and 1520, both upgraded to WP8.1, both identical settings, apps, etc.

    However on the 1020, the Bing News app is included with the Notification Centre so I receive banner updates, however on the 1520 it is not listed ... any ideas what's going on?

    Also another strange thing I have noticed, when I boot the 1520 it shows the Windows Phone logo in white with the "Windows Phone" text. On the 1020 all it shows is a large Windows Phone image in blue ... weird.

    Also before you ask, the version numbers of the software are the same :-).
    04-23-2014 04:36 AM
  2. CreepinJesus's Avatar
    I've noticed that apps aren't listed in the Notification Centre options until they've displayed at least one notification - maybe that's the case here?

    As for the different logos, perhaps it's a screen size thing? Windows 7 had different boot-up animations for smaller screens, for example.
    steve_butcher likes this.
    04-23-2014 05:29 AM
  3. steve_butcher's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply - I will watch out for a notification from Bing News, not that I want anything bad to happen just for my purposes though :-).
    04-23-2014 07:10 AM

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