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    Most of the posts I've seen on photos and onedrive have to do with sending photos from the phone to onedrive. My problem is the opposite: I have photos that weren't taken with my camera phone in my onedrive picture folder that I want to have syncronized and stored locally on my phone.

    Prior to upgraded to WP 8.1, all pictures and subfolders inside the pictures folder on onedrive automatically synchronized with my phone and were available locally for quick and easy viewing. After the upgrade, they are no longer stored locally on my phone. It looks like I have to go to onedrive to view them, which is FAR slower and obviously requires cell/wifi signal as well. Despite poking around on the phone and various searches online, I have not found a way to easily download these folders with photos from onedrive to my phone. I'm hoping that I've just looked over some setting somewhere and its easy to get this working, otherwise maybe MS will fix this for later versions of WP 8.1.
    04-24-2014 11:13 AM

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