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    I'm using WP8.1 but think this applies to 8.

    I have just set up Family Room and was hoping there was a way to push family birthdays to member calendars. But two things are keeping me from doing that by adding the birthdays to the room calendar. The first is that the phone shows double entries on the phone calendar if the person's birthday is also in their contact, even if the event is spelled exactly the same. The second is that the room calendar doesn't let you define recurring events so even if I get around obstacle #1, I would have to reenter everyone's birthday every year.

    My intent is to eliminate the need for family members to enter member's birthdays in their contacts because, well some can barely make calls and others are too lazy.

    So I'm hoping there is another way to maybe sync my contacts for family members (including the birthdays) with other family members' contacts. But it would have to be a way that doesn't run up against the same problems (laziness and/or not knowing how) that kept them from manually entering the birthdays in their contacts.

    Am I being too optimistic?

    BTW, for the "not knowing how" crowd, I actually have access to the Microsoft accounts created for their phone (they didn't have one before). So I could just go in there and add birthdays to their contacts. But would prefer to not have to manually enter everyone's birthdays in everyone's contacts.

    Not feeling too hopeful about the "capable but lazy" family members (who I don't have access to their Microsoft account) since the Family Room Calendar didn't pan out . LoL
    04-29-2014 11:43 AM

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