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    As much as I love Windows Phone and Microsoft products their Windows Phone commercials and ads have been just terrible, redundant and in some cases mute button annoying. **cough** "I wanna see you be brave!" **cough** I have explained to more friends and colleagues that my Nokia 928 is not an Android and what WP is than the damn commercials have it seems. They need something like what Samsung had with the Galaxy users mocking the people in line for the iPhone. Maybe not that pompous and narcissistic but similar in the fact that it raised Galaxy brand awareness.

    I think some witty funny Cortana centric commercials corresponding with a celebrity spokesperson for WP8 would be the trick. What is Windows? What is Microsoft as a whole entity? A company of productivity (Office 365), social reach and networking (Outlook, Skype, Live), and entertainment and fun (Xbox). Windows Phone is all that, WP can be the nerdy well dressed spreadsheet and money making guy that an unemployed coffee shop blogger hipster like Justin Long could mock for having a real job. Microsoft can also be the company of fun, adventure, entertainment and human interaction (Xbox and Xbox Live). You need a celebrity known for his trash talking, sense of humor who can also be productive and intelligent when the time calls like Microsoft and WP can.


    Outspoken Stanford educated mass-communications major who's also an all-pro NFL CB for the team that hails from Microsoft territory who's already been used by MS to plug the Surface. The 18-34 male demographic LOVES or at least pays attention to Richard Sherman, his face pops up on a commercial and people WILL notice. Show a commercial of Richard using a 1520 or Icon during his daily routine and talking to and for comedic effect arguing with Cortana.

    "Cortana, Remind me when I get to Centurylink Field to pick off Collin Kaepernick tonight!!!" Or when Cortana is being yelled at, Richard: "Cortana, who's the best corner in the game!?!" or
    Cortana: "I'd have to say Patrick Petersen or Darrelle Revis" followed by Richard making a funny surprised face to Cortlana's ability to trash talk.

    Have a commercial showing Richard swiping though his phone showing the People section where he's got a "Legion of Boom" group
    A commercial where Richard is driving and he gets a text so he has Cortana read it aloud and its some funny trash talk from another player or something.
    A commercial with Richard in a suit in the Seahawks film room where he pulls out his phone opens Office and projects a PowerPoint of his highlights

    Closing line 1:
    Windows Phone: The phone for the fun, the phone for the productive, the only phone Richard Sherman wants to pick (see what I did there?)

    Closing line 2: Windows Phone: A phone with enough personality even for Richard Sherman
    04-29-2014 08:12 PM
  2. JaiMento's Avatar
    I liked the old smartphone beta testers commercials. Those were WP7, right?
    04-29-2014 08:22 PM

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