1. patrickg25's Avatar
    My Lumia 625's battery after WP 8.1 preview drains 10-15% per 30 minutes heavy to moderate Wi-Fi usage.
    Only Wi-Fi. Everything not allowed on battery saver. De-syncing from Facebook helped, but it only reduced the overheating and saved 1% off the average drain. Location is off, other stuff like Bluetooth, Cortana and etc. are off too. I've installed a lot of apps expecting it'd help, but nothing has changed. I have no Whatsapp, only Facebook and Twitter. I have, like 30+ apps, everything like location settings turned off. I have done everything from what I've read like not allowing Battery Saver to run in the background or turning Battery Saver off, and my brightness always on low, not on auto. I also disabled the Xbox music service. My battery is supposed to last 15 hours moderate Wi-Fi usage but I only get 4-6 hours. 2000 mAh. Other Lumia 625 users don't seem to have any problem. I hope is not a hardware issue. I updated to Lumia Black immediately after purchasing this which was on Amber, so i have no idea if this was a bug or a hardware issue.
    I am expecting the Lumia Cyan update will fix this because of the firmware and drivers that will suit best with WP 8.1 but as i said earlier, i used to think the battery was not like other 625 owners. Back then i charged daily, now I have to charge every 12 hours because the battery drains so fast.
    I have done 2 hard resets. But i restore settings and apps backup. Is that a problem? I am willing to do another hard reset if I'm doing it wrong or if you have any tips after the hard reset.
    Thank you!
    05-01-2014 06:40 AM
  2. ven07's Avatar
    Hello :) there's a thread called "Battery solution" you might find a solution there
    Give it a shot
    05-01-2014 01:04 PM

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