1. Terry Miles's Avatar
    There seems to be a bug when the phone is running wifi calling. With this feature on, I cannot send or receive text, even when there is a full signal from T-Mobile. To send a text, I have to disable wifi calling, then the text will send. Sometime I have to reboot the handset to get it to send and receive text. I never noticed this with windows 8 or any other T-Mobile phone running wifi.
    05-04-2014 02:10 PM
  2. T Moore's Avatar
    This is related to the 8.1 operating system and the 8.0 T-Mobile input. There have been some T-Mobile users that have totally lost WiFi calling with 8.1. Some have no problems at all and others have bugs like yours.
    Just wait for the official release of 8.1 with OEM and carrier input.
    05-04-2014 04:03 PM
  3. Terry Miles's Avatar
    Ok, so it is not just me. Thanks!
    05-04-2014 04:19 PM

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