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    I am having a few issues on 8.1 DP and wanted to post them here to see if anyone knows any tricks or tips to get things working correctly. All of these issues below were present on two 920ís, as I just recently had to replace one due to a bad mic? (people couldnít hear me). I did a clean install on the new 920, as I did not have a backup option/file saved.

    1. Phone will not backup Settings or Apps. I have tried both and either or, and it always fails at 96% and says to try again later. This happened on both 920ís. I even tried this before I installed all of my apps on my replacement phone, but it still hung at 96%. Therefore, I have no backups.

    2. Xbox Music app crashes within 5 seconds of opening. This actually worked on my defective 920, but will not stay open on my replacement one.

    3. Wifi Sense does not work. Connecting to a network that requires you to accept terms, does not work. I have tried this at McDonalds and the grocery store. Both offer free Wi-Fi, and I have ATT so McDonalds is actually considered a hotspot for ATT. I canít get Wi-Fi or data to work at all in either place. I even tired turning Wi-Fi off and my phone wouldnít connect using my data plan. Like the attempted connection killed my wireless/data. I have to leave the range of the Wi-Fi for my phone to connect to the internet again. I tried having credentials input in data sense, and I tried without. I canít even get to a page to accept the terms manually, as nothing will load. I can connect to free Wi-Fi that does not require you to accept terms without a problem.

    4. This really is an app issue but...Frozen Free Fall does not pick up it's saved file from my OneDrive account. The game has you login with your MS account and puts a gamesave file in your OneDrive account. When I reinstalled the app on my replacement phone and logged in with my MS account, it started me over at level one.

    Thanks for any advice, tips, and or suggestions.
    05-06-2014 11:38 AM
  2. anon(7900571)'s Avatar
    05-06-2014 11:41 AM

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