1. rickhan's Avatar
    I have a Nokia 920, BlueAnt ST3, and Camry Hybrid 2007.
    All work perfectly with WP8.0, especially the ST3.
    Now Cortana cannot call anyone because she cannot hear/understand what I say.
    If I dial via the phone, the speakerphone volume is to low to use, and the mic is also turned way down. I tried adjusting the volume on the phone, and it was max for "media+apps". No setting for Bluetooth volume.

    Without Bluetooth, everything works fine.

    Right now, no usable handsfree for either of my cars.
    05-06-2014 10:17 PM
  2. Philipp Ton's Avatar
    Lumia 920, Jawbone by Era - same problem. Cortana won't understand me and people I call claim my voice is about 30% quieter.
    06-03-2014 07:24 AM
  3. drtek's Avatar
    Same here. I have the 1020 and the new Era. They did just recently update the Era. Made no difference.
    06-03-2014 10:42 AM
  4. jardando's Avatar
    Same problem here, Lumia 1520.3. Cortana won't work any longer via bluetooth. Wife says she can't hear me anymore.
    08-05-2014 01:56 PM
  5. samadkhan's Avatar
    Same issue here very low volume
    09-09-2014 04:08 AM
  6. gavin dal broi's Avatar
    Hope there is a fix shortly as It makes it near useless in hands free car kits. Especially running around on the farm with other noises. Resorted to having headphones in so I can actually hear people while on the phone.
    09-22-2014 02:26 PM
  7. ashram's Avatar
    i have always had a low volume over bluetooth issue in my car with my 920 (and 900 before) in my car, volume at 16 is really loud for everything, but I have to crank it to 26 to use speakerphone in the car via bluetooth.
    09-22-2014 02:30 PM
  8. LordGreylock's Avatar
    Has anyone ever figured this out, I tried adjust everything on my Lumia 830 and when I'm connected to bluetooth in my car everything plenty loud except for cortana, and I use cortana to read my texts out loud and I have to raise the volume on my radio to a ridiculous amount.
    11-23-2014 05:47 PM
  9. Kenny C2's Avatar
    I also have a problem with the volume level when using the SundayTicket app for DirecTV. I can get the volume up to a comfortable level with or without Bluetooth headset. Everything is set to max but any noise around me and I just cannot hear it well.
    11-30-2014 09:31 PM
  10. jfa1's Avatar
    With my 1520 ATT DP 8.1 and my BT (Jabra Wave ) while BT is on if I push the volume up/down the dialog bar5 opens and shows Bluetooth volume. and can be adjusted. Maybe this is a new feature for 8.1.1 and not available now for 8.0.
    12-03-2014 07:11 AM

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