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    So, I've recently made the jump from WP7 to WP8. I'm happy with the increased capability and app support, and disappointed by the end of wireless syncing and the disappointing, Android-style music syncing options that took the place of the Zune software. Pretty normal so far.

    I've noticed a really strange case: I've set my phone to work with my car's bluetooth functionality, but every time I toggle BT on in my car (switching from radio to AUX, for example)...my phone plays the same song (one of the tracks from the classically-inspired soundtrack for Catherine). I have no idea why it'd do this, since I haven't actually manually selected that particular album, and it's not as though it begins with 'A', so it doesn't seem to be a musical order issue. I'll change it to something else, then the next time I get into my car and use bluetooth, I'm back to it.

    Anyone else have this trouble? It's a very strange issue--on WP7, bluetooth simply resumed the last song/podcast you were listening to (the ideal solution). It seems like WP8's memory of the last thing you were listening to could use some work. I'm using a Lumia 925.
    05-12-2014 07:46 AM
  2. anon(7900571)'s Avatar
    Is repeat song turned on ?
    05-12-2014 08:42 PM
  3. bellyer's Avatar
    That used to happen to me, too. It would always start off with whatever the first song listed alphabetically was when I would switch over to play music from an Aux/Bluetooth device on my car's stereo. I pretty much knew that I should just hit skip as soon as the song would start playing.

    Now, I say that it "used" to happen because, it no longer happens now that I have made the jump to WP 8.1. However, I would rather have the issue I had before moving to 8.1 where it repeated the same first song every time it connected because now on WP 8.1, my music will not even start automatically when switching to play music over Bluetooth from my phone. I now actually have to go into the Xbox Music app and press play/shuffle in order to get it to play in my car now, which kind of defeats the purpose of hands-free. I'd much rather still be dealing with just skipping over the first song that would always come up.
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    05-16-2014 01:27 PM

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