1. Ankit Srivastava's Avatar

    Lately there is a buzzing sound from my car stereo when I connect my Lumia 720 via the standard 3.5mm cable to my car.

    Nokia care says that I need to use a 3.5mm American jack (Audio Adapter AD-87U) and not the standard 3.5mm while connecting any cable to Lumia 720 as regular 3.5mm jack isnt supported.

    Can someone please confirm and preferably post a link for such a jack in India . Would this do the job?

    Also previously the same cable had been working fine (and still works fine with my basic Samsung phone),hence the confusion.

    Thanks in advance!
    05-14-2014 02:13 AM
  2. berty6294's Avatar
    it honestly just sounds like the cable has gone bad
    05-14-2014 02:19 AM

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