1. AlexSkeala's Avatar
    This option does not work. I get a message that says that i have no celular data on when i try to start IS ,tough i have celular data on. Please try it and tell me if on your phones work.
    PS: i have an l920 if it matters.
    05-15-2014 09:00 AM
  2. T Moore's Avatar
    920 on AT&T LTE
    Sharing has always worked, up until now.
    I connect but there is no data. Usually about 20Mbps
    05-15-2014 09:56 AM
  3. zeke009's Avatar
    I was able to successfully start Internet Sharing on my Lumia 920. I don't have any devices with me to attempt to use it though.
    05-15-2014 10:38 AM
  4. antiochian2010's Avatar
    Working for me ok before and after update - Lumia 1020 ATT Unlocked on T-Mobile USA
    05-15-2014 11:45 AM
  5. AlexSkeala's Avatar
    The problem is that i cant start it now. Not to say about using it. However it seems that is just me! ty
    05-15-2014 04:32 PM

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