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    Latest info from Kantar shows that, in Argentina, as March 2014, Windows Phone holds 12.9% of market share. That's second place, Android being in the first with 71.8% and iOS is fourth with just 1.7%. Blackberry is the third with 9.9%.

    Interestingly, since December Android lost almost 6%, in favor of Windows Phone which gained more than 4%, in only three months.

    This is good news for Windows Phone, but the problem is...

    Argentinian developers and companies don't seem to acknowledge this information. Most of them, when developing an app, choose to do it just for Android and iOS, even if the app is only targeted to the Argentinian market. It makes no sense!

    Hopefully, as time goes by they will start paying attention and doing the right thing for its costumers. But I'm not so sure it will happen...

    Seriously, it drives me crazy that I see ads from banks, stores or media saying "download our new app!" and it's only available for android and freaking iOS (which is just 1.7% with no growth!). It's ridiculous!

    Source: http://www.kantarworldpanel.com/smar...-market-share/
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    05-18-2014 08:27 AM
  2. Boris Alexandrov's Avatar
    Awesome news man!

    I think the problem is that:
    1) WP team totally sucks at marketing its platform to developers
    2) For any app in particular it really depends on if TA have similar usage patterns that the whole market, that may not be so.
    3) Developing an app takes some time, so current share may have already become the trigger to develop apps in the near future.
    05-18-2014 08:46 AM

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