1. faalil's Avatar
    First i had problem in Syncing 495 outlook contacts with Facebook 8.1.. finally i manually sync almost 150+ contacts on phone other s are automatically synced without any problem .. after few days i update some email addresses, home addresses, work details, nots and added last names for 300+ contacts in my Lumia 920 WP8.1 DP (updated 8.1 DP).. after 2 weeks (today) i checked outlook.com contacts, email, names ect.. for 300+ contacts are not synced.. they are showing old detailes.. i checked Windows 8.1 in my lap top its also not synced.. i tried to manually sync on phone in email+Account,, no use.. anyone facing this problem in WP8.1 DP? ?
    05-19-2014 04:59 AM
  2. Shimoner01's Avatar
    Ya, if I understand you correctly, I think I have the exact same problem. Just got a new phone and upgraded it to 8.1. Not sure if it is 8.1 or outlook that is causing the problem. All of my contacts are on the phone. However, where on my old 920 I had linked a SIM contact with Facebook, it is no longer linking the two and it doesn't give the option to re-link them because it seems to remember that it had been done in the past. With other contacts, it just isn't pulling their profile pictures down, so many contracts on my list display a gray square, but this can be remedied with the annoying step of opening each contract.
    05-25-2014 12:58 AM
  3. Manu6901's Avatar
    +920 ^^^^
    Same issue being faced by me too in my 8.1 phone!
    05-25-2014 03:23 PM
  4. faalil's Avatar
    I search 🔍 for a solution everywhere.. Seams like its problem in Wp8.1 dp.. Waiting for the Final wp8.1 version with Nokia cyan update.. I havent had this problem on Windows phone 8.0
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    05-25-2014 03:30 PM
  5. wrm1's Avatar
    It's not just WP 8.1. My surface wasn't talking to the website and my phone wasn't talking to the website. What I wound up doing (on my phone at least) was adding my email address again and setting it to sync email, contacts, calendar, etc. Then going into the one that I signed in with and setting it to not sync. It worked on my phone. I make changes and they appear online and vise-a-versa. I still haven't come up with a fix for the Surface though.
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    05-27-2014 05:10 AM
  6. chefster74's Avatar
    I don't use outlook, but I noticed last night my people hub is working again on my 928 with 8.1
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    05-28-2014 11:25 AM

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