1. Blacklac's Avatar
    Some of these typing errors are driving me nuts. Seems like 70% of the time I hit "o" I get an "i". I just expect that when i attempt to type "or" it will change to "it". Even "but" to "bit" alot. Another one is trying to push Spacebar and getting a letter above it, as well.

    Admittedly when I get these errors, I always backspace and retype. If I highlighted the errors and hit a suggested word above the keyboard, would the phone slowly learn and correct itself?

    I've had 2 WP devices and both had similar autocorrect errors.
    05-19-2014 05:01 PM
  2. David P2's Avatar
    Have a look in your keyboard settings. Might be under an 'advanced' button.
    05-19-2014 05:05 PM
  3. Blacklac's Avatar
    Yeah, I see an option to "reset suggestions" but the description makes me think its changes what I have manually done and the changes what came with the device will still remain. These errors aren't my own suggestions. I know the keyboard "learns" but I didn't get the sense resetting suggestions would actually accomplish what I wanted.

    Edit: I just had "what" change to "that", twice, typing that out.
    05-19-2014 05:14 PM
  4. Microsoftjunkie's Avatar
    Yes, it will "slowly learn and correct itself", but make sure you don't have any settings that MS uses for feedback off. If you do, there will be no difference in suggestions.

    You should reset the kb and start over.
    Blacklac likes this.
    05-19-2014 05:15 PM
  5. Blacklac's Avatar
    Ok. Under keyboard I had feedback on, but the general feedback in settings was off. I'll enable it and see if it slowly gets better.
    05-19-2014 05:18 PM

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