1. Rubidad's Avatar
    If this question has already been asked, I apologize as my search turned up no data.
    It's nice to choose the picture of the start screen that can be viewed behind the transparent tiles. However, the color of the icons cannot be changed, as far as I can tell. This makes it difficult to see the phone, data sense, message or any other icon in front of a light background scene.
    Is there anyway to change these symbols (icons) from white to the color of the user's choice to improve contrast and visibility? If not, has anyone noted any plans by Microsoft to add this feature???
    05-21-2014 07:11 AM
  2. cbreze's Avatar
    The hard core WP users would probably consider this blasphemy, but I'm with you. I think having the ability to color icons would be sweet. There is an app called cool tiles that allows a black option and a resize, but no tile transparency but that's something. Then there are other apps that allow transparency but nothing but white icons. Problem with these apps is you have to work from their list of apps and they have few that I even use.
    To me the white icons just look generic and the titles only make it worse as they take up valuable transparent space on the tile. Why do I need "Verizon wireless" next to my phone icon? I might not know that's the icon I need to press to make a call with out that on there? Right. My phone already has Verizon stamped all over it. How about invisible icons? theres an idea. Now we'd really be able to show off our walls. how about different colored lines instead of black/white? Lots could be done to the UI to make it really stand out and not lose any functionality. I just like options, but the transparent tiles in 8.1 is definitely a good start.
    05-21-2014 11:43 AM

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