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    Hi !
    I'm new to WP. Currently with galaxy s4 active.

    I've been a long time Nokia user with my nokia 701 that worked very well. To this day, I still believe nokia lost many great basic features with the moving from symbian which I hope they catch up quickly like calling from any screen at a click on the green button, close apps with red button or hang up calls from any screen with just one click on red button. And many more . Oh well .
    One thing that in its latest version, symbian managed to bring up to date, well kinda - is what happens when there's a notification when screen is locked, like SMS. Which really is probably the thing that happens the most.
    For example, receiving an SMS when locked, the screen would often (but oddly not always) show the lockscreen with the notification. Thanks to feature pack 2, sliding the sms aside would show you the message and allow you to reply. Meaning, receiving a text would require almost zero action from you to read it. Just slide. Sadly, it didn't always light up but pressing the menu button to light the screen up was quick enough. And your privacy was also kept in case your device was held by someone else, unlike in iPhone where the message itself is shown.

    I wonder, how is it with Windows Phone 8 ?
    And with 8.1 ?

    Does receiving an sms with each os allow you to:
    A) see it and with a slide / other actions go to full conversation.
    B) the phone alerts with sound and YOU have to unlock it and access the sms ?

    And what happens with whatsapp messages? I use them much more than SMS.

    Thanks !!

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    05-24-2014 03:56 PM
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    Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 handle push notifications in near identical ways (They use banners, see: iOS 5+, which are similar in design.) save for one major difference. The "Action Center" (or notification center, like most other devices) aggregates notifications in a shade after they've been shown. (It can be set to be accessible from the lock screen, or to only allow the toggles to be seen for privacy.

    But when you receive a notification of a text (same with any app that pushes notifications like FB Messenger, Whatsapp, 6snap...), the screen lights up (unless its in a pocket) and shows a banner notification at the top. Tapping the banner would take you to the app like how iOS takes you to the messaging app when you slide a notification. (needs a passcode if you have one)

    For past notifications, you can customize the lock screen to have up to 5 counters. An icon with a number, fairly simple. (Also appears in Action Center)

    If you have a current generation Nokia Lumia with Lumia Black and Glance enabled, it can show you those counters on the glance screen. (A feature also seen on previous Nokia's before WP if I recall correctly. I'm not too familiar with pre-WP Nokia as I've been in Palm land. If you don't know what that is, its essentially a clock that shows on the screen without having to turn the device on. it's configurable.)
    05-25-2014 06:34 PM
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    Okay! That sounds great.
    I'm asking this because I often find myself working and the phone is next to me on the table, on its back. And so , just like iPhone, I would love it to show the message immediately without me doing anything and with a click or swipe, I'll be able to respond.

    How long does the banner stay when phone receives notification in locked mode ?
    And what happens when it lights up and shows the message, then locks again, and then I wake it up ? Will I be able to enter the app from there with a gesture on the notification or will I have to pull the action center down ?

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    05-27-2014 07:54 AM
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    When you receive a message when the phone is sleeping, the screen turns on and the banner appears for about 6 seconds, after it goes away, the screen dims and remains on for about 4 seconds more. (I just counted that actually with a message to myself.)

    If the phone is in your pocket, it won't light up until you take it out of your pocket.

    If you wake it back up after the notification has gone away, you will have to slide open the action center and tap the notification to respond, not super quick, but that's how it works. The notification indicators on the lockscreen are simply counters, you can't interact with them.
    05-27-2014 11:32 AM
  5. unger123's Avatar
    Thank you for your informative post and for checking it out.
    It sounds generally ok but I would have preferred that your last sentence will be changed. So the counters on the lockscreen will be shortcuts to the relative app.
    Like on modern iOS and like Nokia Belle FP2 (even that had it !! )

    Thanks once more !

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    05-28-2014 07:26 AM
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    Well 8.1 kind of does the same thing...

    IOS: slide message from lock >> asks for pin if present and unlocks screen >> take to the conversation
    WP8.1 : unlocks screen >> tap on notification in notification center >> take to conversation
    05-31-2014 01:08 AM

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