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    I have a Nokia 920. Battery life is much better now that I have more control over more apps. Video playback is much better. Now I don't have to start over again with a video clip just to check an SMS or answer the phone. The new Notification Center is fine, but I had set up my tiles in such a way that I really have no use for that.
    BUT, the loss of the 8.0 Message Hub is a deal breaker for me. With friends and family on two continents, it was perfect for my needs. The 8.0 Message Hub allowed you to turn off Facebook messages. Couldn't they have done that in 8.1 too? The one drawback on 8.0 was that you could only send your location to an online message receiver. I had hoped for a change there so that you could have sent files or images to just one person in the Message Hub. The day after I write this post, I am off to pick up a new Nokia 1520. The first thing I will do is turn off the automatic update. I will continue to monitor update development of 8.1 on my 920 which is my office phone. But I prefer not to install 8.1 on my new 1520 until I see changes in the 8.1 Message Hub.
    The other problem is that MSNBC.com videos will not play on the 8.1 update but I can play Fox News videos. Is Microsoft a right wing Company? (Only kidding, really, just joking around!!!!!!!!) MSNBC.com videos can still be played on my wife's 8.0 AtivS.
    06-02-2014 02:38 PM
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    I agree with you. With the bought of Skype by Microsoft they have killed Message Hub and Messenger service went to Skype :( I miss it so much.

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    06-02-2014 02:48 PM

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