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    Strange issue.
    I'm on the latest release of the DevPreview.

    Yesterday was fooling with VPN.... turned it off...

    Following that.. couldn't sync email or surf... Looked... OH... VPN was turned back on again.. okay turned if off.

    Surfing was fine.. Whats App is fine, etc... But now... Can't sync the email for my live.com account (the primary Microsoft account for my phone). Told me password had expired... OKay... never had that before.

    Went into the browser... changed my live/Microsoft account password.

    Go back to Mail on my phone... or even Accounts on my phone.... Look at the live.com account... nope tells me password has expired and need to go the website... It's an endless loop... Obviously a bug either introduced by
    1. issues when trying to sync mail while the VPN was failing (when it was accidently activitated but didn't work)
    2. related to the update...

    So, I can't send or receive emails with the primary account on my phone.... this is serious as I travel and rely on this phone to receive and send emails from my clients. My phone has lost it's value to me. Anyone else ever had this issue?

    Error Code is 85050003. Searched and others are having an issue..

    06-15-2014 12:00 PM
  2. ODwyerPW's Avatar
    I just fixed this... and you go to someplace completely different that email and accounts in the Settings...

    Go to the Settings...
    Select Syncronize My Settings (or configuration)... (Sorry my phone is in Spanish... but you get it... choose the synchronize option)..
    There choose Synronize my passwords across my devices....
    Follow the instructions.... It works...

    Very counter intiuitive and I can image Joe Six Pack will just bring his phone back to AT&T and Verizon screaming....
    06-15-2014 12:20 PM

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