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    I have an odd issue on my laptop. I had to reinstall Windows and after that my Smart Search works only with apps. When I want to search for system settings, files and web (via Bing) I need to wait at least 30 seconds to see results. After they are loaded I can use it as usual yet next search renders the same issue again.

    However, if I disable Bing search then both apps and data show up very quickly. Turning Bing on again issue returns.

    On my desktop PC and tablet everything works great with no delay and regardless of query I input (apps/data/web). All three devices have same setting across them all (they're synced + I manually checked in Settings), connected on same network and have same network speed. I tried disabling then enabling Bing searched, verifying system files with elevated cmd and "sfc /scannow" command, there is no torrent clients nor download managers that can slow down my access to series of tubes. I have done those usual steps for resolving my problem - restarting my laptop, checking processes and disk usage in Task Manager, startups, comparing Indexing options with other two devices, rebuilding index, accessing tubes via mobile hotspot - nothing helped.

    EDIT: Windows 8.1 Update 1, with all updates from Windows Update. Of course everything is legal!

    I hope geniuses here know what else can I do. Sorry for my English, Croat here :D

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