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    God knows I love this company for whatever reason, I've been with them since Windows 95, typed hundreds if not thousands of documents on multiple generations of Word, made beautiful and organized PowerPoints & Excel spreadsheets. I bought the original Xbox over the PS2 (although I knew more about PlayStation and knew it was more established). I bought the Xbox 360 suffered through the "Red Ring of Death" but stayed loyal. Purchased a Windows Vista laptop to replace my Windows XP suffered through that calamity of an OS but stayed loyal. I then owned a Windows 7 laptop always using Bing and Outlook and when time came to move into the tablet sphere I almost bought an iPad but waited as I heard rumors of a Microsoft tablet. Bought the Surface RT (suffered through that half assed OS) but stayed loyal and upgraded to a Surface Pro 2. Got tired of my iPhone 4S back in 2012 and eventually switched over to the Lumia 928 followed by the Icon. Now suffering through things like the "app gap" and the Xbox Music havoc but staying loyal for no logical reason like a women who's beaten by her alcoholic husband.

    Now I watch the oxymoron that is the brilliant idiots at Redmond take one step forward, and two steps back into some freshly laid dog crap everyday it seems. While they're cleaning the poo off their soles Apple and Samsung are running textbook brilliant advertisement campaigns for their smartphones. Microsoft's HQ practically has $100 dollar bill toilet paper in the bathrooms they're literally the Scarface of the tech world yet they can't invest in a competent Marketing division that doesn't bore the hell outta everyone?

    The 2014 World Cup was the absolute perfect Windows Phone advertising platform that they completely blew! Instead all we got were generic non specific Microsoft plugs here and there. What a perfect time to shine the spotlight on WP in a country (Brazil) that already has high WP adoption rates. They could have reached out to hundreds of millions of people across all parts of the world. I mean damn how hard would if have been to pay Neymar Jr, Messi or Ronaldo to do some commercials and/or billboard posters using a Nokia 930 or something??? Apple and Samsung have proven this strategy, the Galaxy owes alot of its catching on in the US to LeBron James and the NBA. They (everyday consumers) don't want some faceless actor telling them to use Windows Phone, they want big name athletes and red carpet celebrities. They forget instantly otherwise. Maybe something like limited edition Windows Phone devices that matched your country's team colors? Sounds trivial but that's what grabs the mainstream consumer's attention. Microsoft choked big time here. Not to mention MSFT HQ is practically next door to the NFL's current Superbowl Champions. Umm Hello!!! Frickin Richard Sherman has a Masters degree in Mass Communications from Stanford University! Hire that guy to push WP! CMON THIS IS TOO OBVIOUS Oh you know he'll get every male 16-40's eyes and ears when he speaks. Like him or not he'll get you publicity and word of mouth advertising.

    As for the beta male part, look no further than Mr. Joe Belifore, I mean.. I really like the guy and trust and believe in his technical vision for Windows Phone but damn you sure can tell he's the type of guy that probably gets talked over by everyone in the conference room. Heck he's probably mistaken by Satya as the air conditioning repair man or something when he sees him on campus. Watch any Satya Nadella interview and the only time he even addresses Windows Phone is when the interviewer specifically mentions it by name. I mean Jesus Christ Joe! Go knock on the damn office door upstairs and ask Satya about idk maybe considering actually running a REAL advertising campaign for Windows Phone. I mean the boss can't lash at you for having passion and eagerness to get a Microsoft product out quicker and to more people. What is he gonna do? Fire Joe for trying to make Microsoft even more money? Satya is in love with his damn cloud, well what the hell is wrong with pushing your mobile hardware division that's perfectly designed to supplement your cloud service?

    Microsoft like I said is filled with brilliant men and women who know exactly what to do behind a computer screen when writing codes but when it comes to market strategies and actual social interactions they fail hard. All the pretentious hipsters go to work for Apple and Google and all the anti-social WOW level 500 elves go to Microsoft. Geniuses in the basement but no one knows they're geniuses because they hate real social contact unless it's the pizza man.

    Microsoft it's time to hire a marketing firm, nerds don't belong in advertising just as marketers don't belong in software engineering. GET A CLUE! Apple and Google mop the floor with you in the Smartphone realm for one main reason and that's advertising!
    07-03-2014 12:53 AM
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    Please continue discussion in this thread.
    07-03-2014 12:57 AM

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