1. Maglor1981's Avatar
    To day as I tried to use to use my contacts I noticed that they were de sync. What I mean is that although I had merged the same contacts (eg hotmail, facebook) for the same person now they were separated.

    I did a account sync but in vein. Then I noticed that in the accounts+settings I had no facebook account. I tried add but facebook was not there. As I remember but I'm not sure there was a facebook choice in there (like Linkin etc).

    Searching a little bit more in contacts - add account there is a facebook option but pressing it takes you to settings where you choose to sync or not.

    Now all I do is reorganize my contacts and remerge them again..... frustrating..... BUT i think the facebook option was in accounts+setting menu
    07-07-2014 05:12 AM
  2. Maglor1981's Avatar
    Problem seems to be unistalling facebook beta and keeping facebook.

    As I reinstalled the updated facebook beta it messed my contacts again. So I unisyalled it again and had to reorganize my contacts all over again
    07-28-2014 03:51 PM

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