1. DrNitun's Avatar

    I recently had to reset my Lumia 1020 due to major battery drain issues. After the factory reset was completed, I was going through the initial prompts WP8 gives us as we turn on our phone for the first time (ex: region, language, etc). I saw the option to restore my phone from a previous backup. I saw the list of backups and realized I have backups from years ago (starting with the Lumia 900).

    My question is, how can I erase all these old backups which are not needed anymore? I went into windowsphone.com and was not able to locate my backup files there (oddly, I remember I was able to do it many months ago). I do not see backups on my Onedrive outside of my ASUS tablet and Surface 2 Pro. No Lumia backups.

    I want to erase all backups associated with my Windows Phone login so moving forward, I can make new backups. Any ideas on how to do this?

    Many thanks,
    07-09-2014 02:05 PM
  2. David P2's Avatar
    You need to go into your OneDrive through the website. Login, and you want "get more storage". In that screen there is a link for "device backups". You can delete them from there.
    07-09-2014 04:13 PM
  3. DrNitun's Avatar
    David P2,

    Thanks for your response buddy. I went under "device backups" and I only see backups made from my ASUS laptop and Surface Pro. I do not see any Windows Phone backups.

    Does this mean all my previous backups are ....gone? IF so then that will solve my issue.

    On a side note, I just made a backup for my Lumia 1020. How long does it take for backups to normally show up under "device backups" on OneDrive?
    07-09-2014 05:08 PM
  4. David P2's Avatar
    No worries - I've currently got one there for my Lumia 620, and my Windows 8.1 desktop. If you're not seeing any WP ones then it's safe to say they aren't there and your issue appears to be solved.

    I couldn't say how long it takes for them to appear on OneDrive - never really timed it.
    07-09-2014 05:29 PM
  5. DrNitun's Avatar

    I did another factory reset and when prompted to "restore from a previous backup", I saw a list of all my backups starting with my Lumia 900 a couple years back.

    Still need to know how to rid them! In the past, I was able to go to windowsphone.com, log in, and see ALL my backups. I do not see them there anymore oddly.
    07-16-2014 05:19 PM
  6. vk1971's Avatar
    I've got app list backup turned on but can't see ANY backups on OneDrive. It says "You don’t have any devices that are backing up settings to OneDrive".
    07-17-2014 11:45 AM
  7. DrNitun's Avatar

    Exactly. Where are our backup image files so we may delete them?!
    07-23-2014 12:22 PM

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