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    Please help about Windows Phone 8 App that was purchased from Windows Phone 8 Store. The App called Automatic Call RecorderPC from Publisher called Win Phone Apps, seems to be a con. After installing the Automatic Call RecorderPC App on my Nokia Lumia 1020 (Windows Phone 8 - Lumia Black), on opening, the App redirects a web page that describes about Android installation: Automatic Call Recorder Apk 3.53 - APK Downloads.ws. As loyal patron of Windows Phone 8 and .NET developer, I hereby report this to Microsoft in order to help Windows Phone 8 users like me with concerns to this duplicity and risk of Phishing. BTW, I lost money INR 360.

    Here’s the URL to Automatic Call RecorderPC:

    Automatic Call RecorderPC | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (India)

    BTW, there's one more App from the Publisher Win Phone Apps called Call Recorder Full App4PC that is listed on the Windows Phone Store.

    Wait a mo, yet another con!!!


    Please clarify me about this heads-up?

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    as far as I know windows phone does not support call recording (There aren't any API to do so ). You should be careful next time , read user reviews or ratings ,app screenshots before purchasing apps from windows phone store.
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    07-13-2014 07:33 AM
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    Due privacy issues its not possible anymore to record any phonecall.
    I believe it was stil possible in wp7x, but was optout in wp8

    Thats one option i truly mis in the wp ecosystem.
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    07-14-2014 01:35 PM