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    I had a real issue with album art on my lumia 920 after I had done a full reset, as prior to going onto WP8.1 I had used MPATool to add art to all those albums missing it. As we know, this app doesn't work on 8.1.Strangely I had seemed to get the art onto 99% of my albums, with just 3 out of god knows missing. However, at the weekend I upgraded to a 930 and the method I used to resolve the issue on my 920 didn't work. Strangely, at least one of the albums that was missing art on my 920 was complete on my 930. It seems some methods seem to work better than others and I thought perhaps it might be a good idea to have 1 thread which we could all reference to try and help resolve the problem - maybe get it stickied if it seems to help.Here's how I did it on my 920.PC OS: Windows 8.1Method used to sync music onto phone - Windows 8.1 app (not desktop).How I got the album art to update - For any album that was missing art I deleted the album from my phone and restarted it. I then went into Xbox Music on my PC and used the ability to update the album (sorry not at my PC right now so cannot remember the exact button). I then used the app to sync the music on. This worked first time for a lot of the albums and could do it on mass. However, the remaining albums either needed to be done one at a time or just didn't update.
    07-21-2014 06:19 AM

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