1. Bataar's Avatar
    So I'm trying to do a back up of my Lumia 1520 before downgrading it back to 8.0 to get the full Cyan/8.1 update. However, when my back up is running, it will get to 96% complete and then give me the following error:
    "There was a problem backing up your settings. Try again later."

    Has anyone else had this problem or know of a work around? I've restarted the phone and made sure no apps were running in the background and am still getting this error.
    07-24-2014 05:59 PM
  2. xandros9's Avatar
    I don't know what else to say other than to try again later. Might need another go or two.
    07-24-2014 07:36 PM
  3. hotphil's Avatar
    You need to delete existing backups, then retry and it will move past 96% then.
    xandros9 and BluKir0 like this.
    07-24-2014 07:40 PM

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