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    After using Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview, I still think there are some areas for improvement:

    1. Cortana is still in beta and MS is definitely working on it, but it seems a few tweaks would be nice. For one, if one has accepted Cortana to follow a flight, it would be nice to see the updates on the live tile instead of having to open the app and see (ie x amount of time left, etc). When one clicks on the tile with that information, it would be nice to go straight to the flight map as you can now within Cortana.

    2. When one takes a screenshot, I would like some ability afterwards for their to be an option to share it. Now, I have to go to the photos hub, get the picture and then share it by the method I desire. I would like this process simplified.

    3. Not necessarily a Windows Phone 8.1 issue, but with the addition of Nokia to MS, I would like to see simplification of the camera app. It seems counter intuitive to have multiple apps (panorama, refoucs, etc) as separate options. It would be nice to group them into the main camera app for easy access.

    4. I am still hoping for an option for text message content to not display on the toast notification. It would be nice to have an option of "New message from X".

    5. Speaking of text messages, I remember seeing an actionable notification at some point (might have been a fake), but it would be nice to directly reply from the message, if one has the contents displayed. (It is more about choice to me on this one)

    6. But, what I don't understand and maybe this is my setup is even with PIN lock, one could swipe down and see notifications. Besides the fact another option than PIN only would be nice, I am not sure why it shows notifications. Maybe with PIN locked on, it would just say Email(#), Texts(#), etc.

    6. Hopefully games will go back under the hub (or at least an option) to cut down on the additional apps in the list.

    7. I am still having issues with live tiles, specifically the Bing Weather app. There have been mornings when I look at the phone and the wide weather tile flips to show the upcoming multi day forecast, yet, the first day is still yesterday (Saturday still shows even though it is now Sunday).

    I am sure there are others and many of you will disagree with the list, but just my personal thoughts for now.
    07-29-2014 01:14 PM

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