1. husam2277's Avatar
    Do your mobile with cyan missing google search as default in IE?
    Mention your mobile model and variant.
    07-30-2014 02:53 PM
  2. LTTG's Avatar
    I will NOT update to cyan if Google is not there... Bing TBH is horrible in my opinion.
    07-30-2014 03:02 PM
  3. panchovx's Avatar
    Yes. My 1520 looses the option. Rm-937 apac HK
    07-30-2014 03:07 PM
  4. theefman's Avatar
    My most anticipated feature of cyan...:)
    07-30-2014 03:14 PM
  5. husam2277's Avatar
    I installed british country variant cyan rom. Lumia 1520. Missing the option too. Will try my device default german rom in the coming days and will give feedback.
    07-30-2014 04:25 PM
  6. sharpycl's Avatar
    My most anticipated feature of cyan...:)
    ​Haha yes! Mine too!
    07-30-2014 04:27 PM
  7. husam2277's Avatar
    This option is available for lumia 1520, germany, country variant.
    07-31-2014 02:38 AM
  8. JoaoCSM's Avatar
    It is not available in 930 (rm-1045) UK CV (United Kingdom). But it is available in IT CV (Italia).
    07-31-2014 04:46 AM
  9. husam2277's Avatar
    I thinks this option availability depends on countries for some legal concerns. I think microsoft don't want to add this option but they have to for some countries because of legal concerns.
    07-31-2014 05:22 AM
  10. paulsalter's Avatar
    I have both Google and Bing on my o2 branded 925 in the UK
    07-31-2014 05:42 AM

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