1. jefferyleo's Avatar
    If my Lumia 920 using the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview, should I need to update to the Official Update of Lumia Cyan before I want to update to Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1?
    07-30-2014 09:57 PM
  2. xandros9's Avatar
    Short answer: Nope

    Lumia Black/Cyan/whatever is a separate entity from Windows Phone 8, 8.1, 8.1 U1 but they are typically distributed together.
    07-30-2014 10:05 PM
  3. wuiyang's Avatar
    no... it is just a firmware update, and you can install it whenever you want (it also download windows phone 8.1 (update 0/original) if your current OS is lower than the OS it download)
    07-31-2014 06:56 AM
  4. ROBBIE HALL's Avatar
    Ok I just got denim....not sure if was the official one or DP is there a way to tell?
    I just saw the notification you have an update..clicked it and it went straight into phone update...i didn't open dp....any way to tell where the update came from? Official or DP?
    03-31-2015 07:34 PM
  5. Captains's Avatar
    Same for me this morning. After the update I looked to see if I was still running DP & I was. Still had the box ticked.
    I would say it was official.
    03-31-2015 08:03 PM

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