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    Hello out there!

    First of all: Yes, I'm a big Windows Phone fan. Anyway, I noticed some glitches in the newest version of the mobile OS.
    I'm going to explain everything in a second.
    But before, please don't get angry if this topic is already mentioned anywhere in a thread. I considered creating a new thread instead of using the "bugs" thread as I think that these visual errors aren't real bugs.

    So, what did I find?
    There are actually two things annoying me. One is related to the application bar, the other to the home screen animation when pressing the back button.

    The application bar is a pre-defined component of Windows Phone. An app page can only have one application bar (it's the bar at the bottom of the page), and a developer is neither able to change the behavior of the app bar, nor to change its visual appearance (e. g. he cannot change the three dots at the bottom, and he cannot change that when the app bar is open, you need to tap once to focus back on the app). However, this is great to provide the same UI and UX through several apps.

    I can't exactly remember as I haven't used 8.0 "for ages", but I think something changed in 8.1.
    When you open the app bar (click on the three buttons) and then click the home button, the app bar was minimized before the page was left (can anyone prove that?). That was in 8.0.
    Now in 8.1, the app bar no longer minimizes. See the following picture:
    I recorded an app (yeah, it's MS's file manager in German) while the app bar was open and then pressed the home button.
    See how one of the text buttons disappears, before finally the icon disappears too?

    Let's see the final state once again:

    Uh, oh... Sorry, MS, but that doesn't look great.
    Of course, it's slow motion now, and the normal user will probably never see that. But anyway, it's not pretty.
    (You may think "Oh, how funny, but that is not the file manager's tile in the second frame as the file manager's tile has a white edge in the upper right" - you're actually right, and it is indeed funny: the tile in the second frame is mirrored: the white edge of the tile is now in the upper left instead of the upper right. I'd really like to prove that but I'm not able to get a frame where you could see it, I tried it several times)

    Second thing. The backward out animation of the home screen. It is the animation you see when on home screen and pressing the back button.
    Before I'm going to show the glitch, there's one thing I noticed too: Sometimes the animation changes. I often have the new 8.1 animation, where the tiles are staggered, i. e. every tile is animated. But sometimes I've got the old 8.0 animation, where all tiles are animated at once.
    This is the animation where I noticed the glitch.
    I don't want to say too much, please see yourself:

    The arrow shows the glitch. The tile of an app (in this case the file manager, but it could be any other app as well) is almost out of the screen, but it suddenly reappears. The pictures are actually in the right order! Also, you can see that not all apps are animated in one "line": the tiles of my email account, office, the store and file manager are out of their position while all the other tiles stay in their position.

    Two things, Microsoft:
    1. Please fix this glitch. Most users won't see it (like glitch 1 too). But users like me see that.
    2. Why am I having two different backward out animations?! Please remove this animation that I just wrote about. I prefer the staggered one as it looks way cooler!

    I really hope that MS fixes that, or maybe already has done that, but as you know they stopped delivering the last DP update.

    Last (but not least ):
    Have you discovered any glitches? If not, that's most probably a very good sign for MS!
    Feel free to post any glitches in this thread!

    Many greetings from Germany!
    08-01-2014 12:33 PM

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