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    I downgraded my DP 8.1 to 8 and then loaded 8.1 plus Cyan on my 1520.3. It was easy and a flawless process. I love the transparent tiles and have rearranged my Start Screen so transparent tiles are all at the top of my screen and those that aren't are a scroll away. Yet since I did my reinstall of 8.1 plus Cyan, my Photos tile turns transparent and I don't want it to. It seems nonsensical to me for a photo tile to even offer that option because the whole purpose of the tile is to rotate through favorite pictures or perhaps hold steady on a particular favorite. I did not have this problem with unwanted transparency on the DP. The only thing different is this is now non-DP 8.1 plus Cyan.

    I do have the app Transparency Tiles installed on my phone. I didn't select the Photo tile to be transparent using that app, but just to be safe I unpinned the Photos tile from the Start Screen, restarted the phone and then pinned it back to the Start Screen from the alpha apps list. The problem reoccurred.

    There is a setting within the Photos app called Shuffle Now that will restore the rotation of photos to the tile if it is transparent. But my experience is that eventually the transparency returns.

    Again, I love the transparent feature but while I believe it makes no sense for the Photos tiles to use this capability, it should be a user decision.

    And while I am on the topic of the Photos tile, if there are any Microsoft Windows Phone staff reading, it would be really nice if the Photos tile could have an even larger size than the other tiles. A square like the large size on Windows 8.1 would be nice. It would allow users a much better view of the rotating photo favorites and also, if used, add a nice bit of variety to the screen layout.
    08-02-2014 10:28 AM

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