1. Ashutosh Ashutosh's Avatar
    Just now I got a notification that a 235 MB update is waiting to be downloaded. Do you have any ideas what update is this? I'm using Lumia 525 Windows 8.1 preview for developers. (Firmware version - Black.)
    08-03-2014 07:38 PM
  2. ven07's Avatar
    Weird.. Maybe you're the first one to get GDR 1 :P
    08-03-2014 07:41 PM
  3. Sachinmeet's Avatar
    They even tell u the size of update now ??
    08-03-2014 07:42 PM
  4. ven07's Avatar
    They should just name the updates (numerical maybe) so we can differentiate
    08-03-2014 07:45 PM
  5. Ashutosh Ashutosh's Avatar
    The update tells "Windows Phone 8.1(8.10.12397.895) Preview for developers update-This update can help make your phone work better." Now any idea?
    08-03-2014 07:46 PM
  6. Sachinmeet's Avatar
    Thats the latest version already available
    08-03-2014 07:47 PM
  7. Ashutosh Ashutosh's Avatar
    What's new in this update?
    08-03-2014 07:48 PM
  8. Sachinmeet's Avatar
    Mostly performance improvements, bug fixes and some more API's for developers.
    ven07 likes this.
    08-03-2014 07:50 PM
  9. Ma Rio's Avatar
    I'm also getting some update now, I was on the latest 8.1 DP.
    Actually not the latest, I missed the 400 one, so this could be it.
    Or Cyan/GDR1 :D Hope it's the later.
    08-04-2014 07:26 AM

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