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    So, I had to downgrade to WP 8 on my Lumia 920 because push notifications didn't work. At first it kind of sucked, I missed all those cool new features from 8.1 especially the action center. But after a while I began to embrace WP 8 again. There wasn't any of that annoying lag, everything worked flawlessly and without hesitation, the store app was faster, everytime I went to the start menu the animations were smooth, and no tiles disappeared. What do you value more? I believe we shouldn't have to choose, but damn, is the official release for WP 8.1 going to be like the developer preview? I haven't gotten it since I'm on ATT with a Lumia 920. Is WP 8.1 official release going to be like developer preview? Dear god, I hope not.
    08-08-2014 12:28 AM

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