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    As 8.1 will be coming to my phone soon, I want to find out the progress app developers have made integrating into the hubs, so I can decide whether to update or not. I make heavy use of Live Tiles with social media sites

    Do Facebook and/or Twitter updates appear in a person's or group's Live Tile on the Start screen?

    Does Facebook allow Liking from the hub, or do you get sent to the app?

    Have Facebook or Twitter added the ability to post directly from the hub?

    Are any of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram linked into the Photos hub?

    Has there been any indication what integrations these social networks plan to implement on Windows Phone? Has Facebook or Microsoft said anything about Facebook being reintegrated into Messaging?

    Frankly, I have no faith in the social networks to get the integration right, so I want to check before I abandon a system I like for one with gimmicks I don't care about.
    08-08-2014 04:54 PM

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