1. Smiggyy's Avatar
    Here's a weird one.
    I download and installed the NiQi music player but realised that I already had the TiQi one installed from same author.
    NiQi updated more frequently and has additional options so uninstalled TiQi, or so I thought.
    Muppet here uninstalled the wrong one, so anyway deleted both and went to the store to re-install NiQi.
    Store says I have it still installed, I don't.

    Selected the re-install option from the purchase history area, the usual 'your app should be showing in your app list soon' message appears but nothing is delivered to the handset?
    Have removed SD card, scanned it for errors, rebooted, battery pulled, purged temp files still no joy?

    Any ideas collective?
    08-12-2014 06:05 AM
  2. EspHack's Avatar
    try from a computer, it worked for me even for reinstalling xbox music(which is impossible on the phone directly) you can use the store on the browser to send it to the phone or just download the file and load it though usb
    08-14-2014 11:49 AM
  3. Smiggyy's Avatar
    Thanks for the response, never thought of downloading it as a file. Had tried via PC before though to no avail.
    Solved it in the end, there's a bug with 8.1/GDR1 and the Huawei Ascend W1 in that the SD card isn't detected until it is removed and re-inserted live, with battery out and connected to charger.
    This had created a bad sector on the card where I'm assuming NiQi player had sat, fixed the cluster and was able to reinstall the app.
    Which I have to say I uninstalled again after finding the Musik app, which I trialled and paid for. Beat stock app hands down!
    08-15-2014 04:00 AM

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