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    Hi guys,

    Sorry for the generic title but I've encountered many issues since updating to GDR1 and I didn't know which one should be in the title.
    So, I've updated to GDR1 about 10 days ago and as I stated in another thread the day I installed it, 8.10.12400.899 came along with 8.10.14147.180.

    Everything seamed fine back then but a few days after my phone restarted out of the blue. Since then, it restarted 7 times, sometimes without me even touching the phone. The phone freezes for a few seconds and restarts. If there is an app opened at the moment, I loose the settings. Today for example the phone restarted when reading something in browser and also had the messaging app opened in background. After the restart I lost all tabs and favorites in IE and all SMSs since the last restart (that was yesterday). Shortly after, all SMS start poping out like new SMSs, all together.

    Another problem is that the phone freezes and the only solution is to remove the battery. It happened about 5 times (2 with on but dimmed screen and 3 with black screen).

    Along side with all these, it seams that quiet hour turns it's self on and off as it pleases and if I disable Cortana with Quiet Hours on, QH remains on and of course, without Cortana, it cannot be set to off.
    Also (and this is not really an issue but it's frustrating), since GDR1 Cortana start reading prompting me to read all incoming SMSs and I cannot seam to find a way to deactivate it. (any ideas on this one?).

    The last problem is frustrating. The battery life went down with at least 30% For example, it takes me 1 hour from home to work, 1 hour I use 3G for browsing/fb and music. The WiFi is on. Till GDR1 I was only loosing about 5-10% of battery life and by the time I was heading back home (8-9 hours of WiFi and another hour back with 3G and music), I would still be having -60-70%. Now I have to recharge since I get to 60% in 5-6 hours, without 3G.
    Another example, I unplugged my phone today at 10:30AM with 100% and now, at 2:50 PM I have 38%...

    Of course, hard reset didn't help at all. Any ideas? It's not the battery or QH & Cortana that drags me insane (even if it's frustrating) but the restarts and freezes, especially since it happens even when I don't touch the phone, meaning I wouldn't know it happened and make me miss important stuff.
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    08-14-2014 06:49 AM
  2. Bogdan Gheorghe's Avatar
    Yeah, I thought of downgrading but to be honest I really don't want to. I know it won't take long to do it it's just it seams stupid do downgrade to be able to upgrade. But6 if this keeps on going, I'll do it as well. Btw, is there any performance improvements from 8.1 DP to Cyan RTM?
    08-14-2014 08:25 AM

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