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    Sorry: this is a dup of a question. I thought I was posting to this forum but I apparently ended up in some general question bucket and there's no way to delete the post that I can find.

    I'm a relative veteran but trying to get going on phone apps. I'd like to not have to learn each individual phone's language.

    If I make it look app-y enough do you think I can use Javascript/HTML on iPhone, Android, and WP?

    I've read stuff questioning non-native perf. What do you think? My site runs pretty snappily in the phone browser.

    I seem to be able to make a project quickly with a web control and a URL to my site but will they approve something where the HTML/JS are not bundled with the app?

    Feel free to direct me to previous threads. My question was general enough I wasn't able to figure out what to search for.

    Dennis aka confundido
    08-15-2014 04:08 PM

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