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    Hello everyone,

    In India Airtel is the largest cellular services operator. Their mobile site is accessible at m.airtel.in . Two days back my Nokia Lumia 720 got updated to WP 8.1 Airtel runs an incentive recharge if the recharge is done from the aforesaid mobile site you get 110% credit i.e ₹110 on recharge of ₹100 or ₹220 on recharge of ₹200 , non mobile site recharge will get you ₹86 or ₹200 credit respectively. Thus there is a fair incentive to recharge via Mobile site. However post Windows phone 8.1 update the page is failing to operate the way it used to. Thus it is impossible to carry out the operation. I raised an issue with them thinking it might be server problem, and they also replied may be temporary issue try again. Since this wasn't working since 2 days I wasn't convinced with their reply and I know Airtel very well they wont keep their incoming revenue avenue crippled for so long. Thus i took an android phone of friend and bam site works fine. So i have reported them again. Haven't got a reply yet, I don't know if the devs at Airtel backend will bother to fix the site for IE although wp8.1 has a fair share in India. Second only to Android in terms of smartphone. Still I am curios what is such a drastic change in the browser rendering engine that the site got totally crippled. Hope someone in the know would shed light and hope Microsoft is taking a note
    08-20-2014 12:24 PM

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