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    So GDR1 for 8.1 is out and we have gotten support for 'accessory apps' (although, as far as I know, there still isn't an actual 100% compatible smart watch out there..)
    This got me thinking: Would it be possible to make an app which, instead of connecting to a Smart Watch, would connect to your Windows 8 PC? It would serve to answer texts and calls (and other things) without having to pick up your phone.

    You're doing some work on the computer (studying/writing/doing graphics/whatever) and your friend is texting you. Rather than having to pick up your pick up your phone, unlock the screen, reply and then resume whatever you were doing, you could just write your reply on the Computer.

    Being able to do the split-screen thing where you can have 2 modern apps running side by side is really useful here as well. If I remember correctly Apple devices will have something similar in Mac OS Yosemite and iOS 8, and Android has had these kind of possibilities available for a long time.
    -The only problem I could see is either the app not being made on the Windows Phone Store (I know, a bit of a big problem. Moreover...)
    -...even if it is developed, we wouldn't be able to install it with developer unlock, as the capabilities could be restricted..

    Any thoughts on this?
    08-22-2014 11:25 AM

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