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    Had a strange bug today....maybe someone can explain.
    Lumia 1320 and Bluetooth headset WP8.1 with latest updates.
    Selected SD card and started playing songs..... all good.
    Walked outside and songs started skipping quite badly further away worse it became...went back inside and improved.
    Seems...(but not 100% sure) that the songs playing are related to the WiFi or 3G connection/signal.....
    Turned OFF WiFi and fault stopped....all songs playing fine?????
    Why would the xbox music app need WiFi to play songs already on the phones SD card...and do I need to turn off something else instead of switching off WiFi.

    NOTE: Bios not updated to Cyan yet.
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    08-24-2014 01:18 AM
  2. DalekSnare's Avatar
    Yes, this issue is just as you describe (non-Cyan Lumia here). There's something with WiFi and BT that Lumia Black started for me, where it will make audio stutter, until you turn off wifi or restart. It's very annoying and happens about once per day. My theory is that some background sync process is hurting performance of the audio, and that process doesn't run when you are not on WiFi. But that's just a guess and foreground WiFi usage seems okay (like when I'm watching YouTube over WiFi). WP 7 had a similar thing sometimes where the phone would slow way down when you started charging the phone, which is what made me think it was some heavy background data thing that is triggered, based on power in WP7's case, or just being on WiFi in WP8 post-Black's case. That's just a guess though.
    08-24-2014 01:35 AM

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