1. Darren Mar-Elia's Avatar
    Trying to figure out if this issue is specific to my phone or the latest 8.1,Update 1 update that just rolled out a week and a half ago. Essentially what's happening is that the power button on my phone stops working or "sticks". The screen will flash on and off and occasionally the message will appear asking me if I want to shut down the phone. Now, before the latest update, I cracked my screen, but all was behaving fine until the update came out. I just had the screen fixed and I'm still getting this behavior, if not worse. Occasionally it will calm down --i.e. not all the time. Because it's Verizon and Developer Preview, I don't yet have Cyan. Before I roll back the OS, wondering if anyone else is experiencing this on the 928 (or other Lumias).

    08-26-2014 07:56 PM
  2. Francois Tetu's Avatar
    I installed the dev. preview and the update one and I do not have that issue. I have only one little issue, sometime when I check for updates it tells me I am not connected on the internet. I redo the checking of update again and the bug is gone. The phone is faster. I prefer 8.1. I do not have the firmware cyan installed.
    08-28-2014 09:25 AM

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