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    Apps corner is an useful new future.

    Like many others I'm wondering why the apps layout isn't saved and try to find more info on the net. The result was several sites which just copy/paste info from Microsoft's site, which don't actually say how to use Apps corner and several threads (here and in other forums) with the same question.

    So, I got to work to reinvent the bicycle. The results:

    1. Apps corner's Start screen is build every time you enter Settings/Apps corner and press right arrow at bottom to start Apps corner.
    2. Apps are ordered alphabetically, one in row, with largest possible tile.

    This two answers the question why we have new layout every time we start App corner. If you want to keep layout, you can rearrange the tiles but don't go back to normal mode. The idea is that entering App corner the phone is locked to it and going back you will unlock it and have to start from the beginning.

    When necessary switch off the phone (hold the Power key and swipe down) or turn off the screen - after switching on/resuming you will be back in Apps corner and your layout wouldn't be changed. In this mode the system doesn't ask for password after switching on and goes directly to Apps corner. Even if you left the user to access the settings he/she will get a reduced set and can't make changes to Apps corner.

    Beside other uses this mode can be used to put there all "non-private" apps and don't worry if somebody will use your phone. But if you have to use a "private" app you have to unlock the phone and will lose your layout in Apps corner. Instead you can use Kid's corner in this case which keeps the layout.
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