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  1. khador's Avatar
    Is anyone having issues syncing their outlook.com account on windows phone?

    I'm unable to get my account to sync on all devices + windows 8 mail app, it just seems to hang on me.

    09-04-2014 01:07 PM
  2. jMo 8x's Avatar
    Yes, It is on MSFT side not on yours. Started at 4:30pm EST for me. Go to service.live.com to see the message.

    Problem We're having problems signing you in to your email on some mobile devices or with some programs. You might see an error message if you try to sync your email and calendar using Exchange ActiveSync. September 04 5:46 PM
    09-04-2014 09:00 PM
  3. jMo 8x's Avatar
    That's STATUS.live.com not service...sorry.
    09-04-2014 09:01 PM
  4. redtidal's Avatar
    I just started to experiencing problem about two hours ago. Can't sync at all. All settings are correct. It just time out.
    09-04-2014 09:09 PM
  5. Ashish Gupta888's Avatar
    Yes...looks like they have some server issues. My outlook.in account is not syncing from last two and half hours.
    Sent from my Lumia 525 using Tapatalk
    09-04-2014 09:15 PM
  6. EchoOne30's Avatar
    Last edited by EchoOne30; 11-16-2014 at 04:16 PM.
    09-04-2014 09:54 PM
  7. Blkacesvf41's Avatar
    Huh! I get what the problem is now.
    09-04-2014 10:19 PM
  8. Erik Walther's Avatar
    Add me to this list.
    09-04-2014 10:57 PM
  9. Blkacesvf41's Avatar
    Looks like it's fixed!
    09-05-2014 08:34 AM
  10. khador's Avatar
    Yep, sucked but was good to see it recognized as an actual issue. Odd that it took 5 hours after I started experiencing the problem for it to become a bigger issue.

    Glad to see it back.
    09-05-2014 11:28 AM

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