10-20-2014 04:34 PM
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  1. Karthik Naik's Avatar
    Hello again, I've tried hard resetting it and still no change. Furthermore, now I experience huge battery drains (the other night I went to bed with %70 charge, everything closed, 6 hours later I woke up to a dead phone), occasional freezes and black screens that keep me from using the phone during 20-30 minutes and then suddenly it turns on again.

    8.1 has been a horrible experience for me. I'll try to go back to 8.0. To hell with Nokia and Windows, never mind improving it, they can't even develop a decent update. I will never get one again.
    i have a feeling you have a defective handset or something
    i do get the freezing issue sometimes which needs a soft reset but the sudden battery drain etc is a bit over the edge,i feel your battery may be going bad or something
    i suggest you get it checked or try a hard reset and see how it goes
    good luck,hope you find a solution
    10-20-2014 02:17 PM
  2. jfa1's Avatar
    I always recharge the phone every night (I have the 1520 and I know it has a large battery) I have a car charger in the car and 2 wall chargers at home and two at the office. . Occasionally with 8.1.1 and with 8.1 (all DP) there would be an occasional day when the battery would go rogue wacko and there would be an issue which was normally corrected by a soft reset. I know your device's battery is smaller. I don't know what your problem is with having 8.1 but if I would hazard a guess I would say that problem is with the battery or the phone. How long have you had it? Have you taken to MS store or dealt with Nokia on the issue very much.
    10-20-2014 04:34 PM
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