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    Hi - I finally got fed up of waiting and installed Cyan on my 1020, then re-enrolled into Preview for Developers. One of the things I wanted to check was whether aptX was implemented for Bluetooth as suggested in MS documentation.

    Since there seems no way of telling from the phone other than the subjective hearing test (it sounded MUCH better on my Sennheiser MM500s, but was that just wishful thinking), I paired my 1020 to an Avantree Saturn Pro Bluetooth receiver. The Saturn Pro has an LED that flashes differently depending on which codec it is using - 1 flash every 5 seconds for SBC, 2 for aptX, 3 for aptX low latency. Sure enough, once paired and playing, the receiver's LEDs started flashing twice.

    So there you have it, aptX is now available on Windows phone. So how does it sound? Well for a start, since the equaliser only works for wired connections, if you like your bass boosted you will probably be a little disappointed. My Sennheiser's have a lovely clean sound, but a little more bass would be appreciated. I suspect that this can be done in app, but not system wide - my Android phones seem to have the same restrictions (so Spotify, any chance of a built in equaliser, like the plug in on Windows PC? Nah, thought not. X-Box music...?). Even though I miss the equaliser a bit I am not a basshead, and the clarity of sound more than compensates for now, but time will tell.

    I'll be interested to hear of anyone else's experience with aptX on Windows phone.
    09-08-2014 05:38 AM

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