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    Hi everyone

    Not too long ago I posted in here looking to see if anyone has yet developed an app or plugin to be used between windows phone 8.1 and whatever desktop / laptop / tablet you have.

    What I was looking for was a way to sync either through WiFi or bluetooth and have notifications sent out from my phone to connected clients. So say for example I get a text message or a call a window would pop up (much like your e-mail notifications in windows 8.1) . This way I don;t always have to keep the phone nearby, and can know easily if it is worth picking the phone up or not :D

    To take this a step further I was interested in being able to reply to texts or pickup phone calls from said PC further integrating the experience.

    Recently the Project my screen app was released which in a round about way does some of what I want to be able to do but is tied to the machine you are using while tethered to a PC.

    The next thing I did (which is what I was hoping some of you could help with) is sync my phone and desktop together using bluetooth. This then allows me to set the phone to use hands free operation (thus using my PC speakers and microphone to make & answer phonecalls.

    Honestly though I had a hell of a time even getting this to work going through about 7 different bluetooth drivers for my systemboard (MSI Mpower Z77) but I eventually got it working... however sometimes it works ok, other times there is too much interference from the systemboard (I am guessing, kind of sounds like coil whine and etc) and sometimes it just doesn't work well at all.

    I have not been able to get this working at all on my surface Pro 3 (bluetooth) the phone just keeps disconnecting from bluetooth over and over (same thing I had on my desktop but after testing various drivers I finally got it somewhat stable)

    Has anyone else been down this road or tried the bluetooth handsfree operation from a PC? what are your experiences, what adapter are you using etc etc.

    While the project my screen app and bluetooth doesn't do exactly what I want, it is a workaround for now (assuming I can get everything working stable enough)

    my current use for this has been while I am sitting in my bedroom at my main gaming PC I'll start the project my screen app, sync via bluetooth and set the phone down. From there I'll drag the project my screen app to the 55" HDTV above my main monitor, put on my headset... and play some games while trying to wind down at night. if I receive a call I can notice the mirrored screen in the monitor above me and be able to alt-tab to answer the call, and then alt-tab back in to the game (turning game volume down of course).

    as I said though I'd love to see some extended use for this like a server client that desktops / tablets etc connect in to so no matter where you are in your home you can see these notifications / answer calls etc etc without having to be dependent on carrying your phone with you everywhere (which doing so then leads to too many distractions and etc since it is so easy to pick it up and load up imgur or your fav website etc).

    for example I have my HTPC hooked in my living room, my main desktop PC in my bedroom, my laptop and my surface 3 (then of course my server, the kids PCs and etc don't need to be included). being able to move around form room to room, not have to be distracted by my phone except when it is important, and have this integration just makes sense to me. To be able to sit back on my couch watching a movie or TV show and see hey, my fiancee is calling let me pick this up, click the notification on screen and through whatever microphone I have hooked up be able to talk without getting up. Next call is a telemarketer... ignore. Look a text from my son, click the notification and be able to reply from there.

    just some random thoughts and questions to see what everyone else is doing, how it is setup and what you have found.
    09-26-2014 09:51 AM
  2. jschipmann's Avatar
    Still no luck getting the call quality better on my desktop or getting my surface 3 synced.

    Anyone else trying this?
    09-27-2014 04:02 PM
  3. beardicorn's Avatar
    I would really like to know how to, or if there is a way for this as well. When I'm at work I use my SP3 all day. I would LOVE to be able to access my phone's features all from my SP3; texts, certain apps, notifications, and phone calls.

    The bluetooth connection on the SP3, for me at least, has always been hit or miss but mainly miss.
    12-07-2014 01:51 PM

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