1. ITmanagerNC's Avatar
    I have a Lumia 925.

    I've noticed with 8.1 + DP Updates that the size of the OS now takes up ~3.2GB of storage. Back with 8.0 that was around ~1.9GB. I obviously realize the new versions are a major upgrade from 8.0 but i was wondering if this is the correct size, or if there is any storage wasted because of all the upgrades I've done and that I could use the Nokia Software Recovery tool to wipe and reinstall 'fresh' and reclaim some space?

    09-27-2014 07:52 AM
  2. aikidaves's Avatar
    Clean install using NSRT on my 920 came in at 3.3 GB. I'm afraid that's the size now.
    09-27-2014 09:06 AM

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